Ukrainians will provide the opportunity not to coordinate redevelopment

Already in the near future, Ukrainians will receive a real opportunity not to engage in paper fiber while making certain changes in their own living space. No agreement will not need to implement.

Deputy Minister of Regional Development, Communal Services, Construction of Ukraine, Mr. Isaaneko said that from the near future a resident of Ukraine would not need to provide permits for redeveloping their own apartments.

If we talk about country sites, then everything is easier. For example, the construction of a barn of a rounded log can be carried out without permits.

The relevant amendments in the current law were implemented due to the example of the European Community. The developer company has the ability to start the entire construction procedure immediately after the message will be sent to the GASK inspection regarding the need to start construction.

Already, representatives of the Verkhovna Rada are engaged in the consideration of two bills that are designed to simplify the procedure for the design of the necessary securities. With new changes, the redevelopment procedure will not be regarded as a type of construction. Consequently, when demolishing non-bearing walls, it is not at all necessary to receive resolution.