Properties and laying Metal tile

If earlier slate used to cover the roof, then today this material has almost forgotten. The fact is that a large number of roofing materials appeared, distinguished by much greater practicality and durability. A good example in this case is a metal tile.

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It is characterized by a unique balance between quality and cost. Of course, much depends on what raw material was used in the manufacture of this coverage, as well as how competently respected technology of its production. The negative aspect of this material is its fairly large weight.

The rest does not observe the qualities that could make it difficult to install metal tiles. To install the sheets of this material has passed without problems, it is necessary to prepare the roof. It must be completely even, not to have distortions or damage. They all need to be eliminated.

When making installation, it is necessary to use pre-prepared hacksaws, scissors for metal and drill. Bashed metal tile best on a solid crate. Self-timers are used in the quality of methise. With proper laying, you can get a solid coating that is not terrible precipitation.