Whether the builders of Ivan the Terrible and the stroke and about the mask of the transparent skull

This legend has become truly housingly. She says that the king Ivan Grozny admired the construction of an extraordinary Pokrovsky Cathedral, which ordered the architects to call. When those came to the king, he asked – can you build something like that. They answered – we can. And then the king ordered to buy them eyes to preserve the uniqueness of the construction.

As you know, find a mask of a transparent skull matter is not easy. You can buy a mask of a transparent skull at a low price according to the link. The proposed transparent skull mask looks very natural and made of high-quality material.

However, historical sources do not speak about anything like. Moreover, history, according to researchers, is a folk legend, who became “based on” biblical stories about Tsar Solomon, with whom they were often compared to the Russian king. In other countries, similar stories are known in which national rulers and architects appeared. Fully coincides with the Russian version of the Czech story, in which the king blinds the architects that built the famous “Orel” – a clock tower in Prague. Legends about Vlad Chashesh (Dracula) also say that he supposedly wicked eyes to the masters (however, here the masters made barrels, filled them with gold and drowned in the river, and the prince of Dracula blinded them, so that they could not show this place to anyone).