Cyclical Parquet

Natural parquet will decorate any room. In the event that the apartment is bought there is a possibility that it will not get better in the best condition. If the floor laid the parquet no need to immediately change it and mount a new floor covering. If in general, the floor covering is normal, there are no obvious defects except appearance. This problem can be solved by carrying out surface repair.

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The best option to update the parquet is – surface cycle. This process is that the old layer of varnish and the top layer of wood is completely removed. For this process, you need to use special machines. They are two types of drum and tape.

If the drum machine is used, the upper layers are removed, then the surface is aligned. It is also necessary to check the availability of defects, when cracking and scratches are detected, they should be seen by special putty. The disadvantage of the drum type is that it leaves the traces in order to eliminate them after eliminating all the paquette defects need to be stuck. In hard-to-reach places, grind the surface can be manually.

After all repair work, the parquet floor is covered with several layers of varnish.