Fast removal of wallpaper

For removal of flieslinic and vinyl wallpaper, no super passions are required. To do this, it is enough to pull over the lower part of the web and it will be completely removed. The remaining pieces can be removed by a spatula, in shapening the wall with warm water. But for removing paper wallpapers will have to make some effort. Want to know more about industrial mountaineering? Then we advise you to visit our website RU and we have to learn all the information you are interested in about industrial mountaineering.

Old wallpapers can be removed with abundant wetting wall with water when using roller or brush. With a repeated repetition of this procedure, a sharp spatula gradually scrape the launched wallpaper. Also before wetting with a needle roller, a sharp spatula or a regular stationery knife, you can make small cuts, which will allow you to quickly penetrate moisture. For quick removal of wallpaper, you can use a steam generator or an iron with a damp cloth.

Wallpapers from the walls can be removed with a grinding machine with a rough skin or a small grinder when using a special nozzle for grinding. Delete old wallpaper will help special chemical compositions that can be purchased in a construction store. Some of them are effective and not dangerous to human health, which allows them to use them in the premises.