Townhouses provide competition to the city housing market

April 18, 2013.

Economy Townhouses, located within a radius of 30-40 km from CAD, are becoming increasingly popular and begin to make serious competition to the city housing market. The proposal of such small cottages in Vsevolozhsk, Gatchinsky, Vyborg, Lomonosov and Tosnensky districts of the Leningrad region is increasing. Square meter here is 30-46 thousand.R., and the total cost is 2.5-4.5 million.R.

In the city for the same price you can only buy a one-room apartment or a studio or a small “double room” in the border areas (Murino, Devyatkino). Many buyers, especially family, townhouses make it possible to get a greater meraset for the same price, and in some cases there is also a small land. Townhouse villages usually have a wonderful transport accessibility and infrastructure on the territory. In addition, many believe that they will be more comfortable to live in such a low-rise residential complex than in the city, especially if there are children in the family.

The average rate of sales in such villages is 1.5-6.5 sections per month, but there are also higher rates – about 30 households per month.

According to experts, the Townhouse segment has already arrived in the real estate market and occupied a certain niche, and the number of buyers will inevitably grow.