Chanel bags: fashion trends and selection tips

Fashion houses, along with clothing collections, offer other accessories for them. The most significant and expensive are bags. These products are independent items that can emphasize the elegance and status of a person. Among the manufacturers, Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other famous representatives of the industry stand out.

Fashion trends

In fact, Chanel designers themselves create such trends, showing what bags can be like. Among the main trends it is worth highlighting:

  1. Capacity. Among Chanel bags there are many options that have a large volume and can be used for shopping and going to the beach. However, with such an accessory, people are currently visiting restaurants, social events, theaters or other gathering places of large numbers of people.
  2. Bags on a chain are a signature delicacy of Chanel; this is where this accessory for wearing on the shoulder was invented. In modern conditions, these small bags have received bright, sometimes variegated colors. Clutches, hobos, and bucket bags are also produced with a chain. Such products can also be found at Hermès Kollektionen.
  3. Envelopes are used to create clutches. This form factor makes the bag strict, more suitable for a business style, but these options are used in any conditions. Also similar types are offered by the Gucci, Balenciaga Luxus-Taschen collaboration.
  4. Round versions of bags of various types are produced by all fashion houses, Chanel is no exception in this series.
  5. With pockets on the front wall. Such options can be very small in size, where the compartments serve more as a symbol. However, there are models with functional compartments for items.

The most striking trend has become micro bags, which have a very small internal space,


When buying bags made by Chanel, you should make sure of their authenticity. Too often, a popular brand becomes the target of copying, so each model has documents, a serial number and its sales history is tracked. If there is no such evidence, then you should not purchase the product – it is most likely a fake.

Next, determine the model of the bag and what clothes it will be worn with. The image that the woman wants to demonstrate is also taken into account in order to achieve harmony of all the details, where the bag will be one of the first to catch the eye.

Color and size should also be taken into account depending on the image being created, the places and events that you plan to attend.