Water in landscape design at home

Part of a private house is a landscape design. Fantasy and ingenuity can manifest here. It is created on the sections of the paradise corners. Cutters, fountains, ponds, waterfalls – decorative reservoirs, which are element of landscape design at home. The size of the site must be considered primarily when working on a project. Perfectly look more appropriate when constructed by reservoir on the plot, with a large area. But there can be something impossible in the landscape design of the house and in a small territory you can please yourself with a reservoir. At the next stage, the place is chosen. To care for the garden and reservoir you will need motoblocks and fertilizers.

It should be a bright place, especially if it is planning to make animals and plants. Places under the trees and next to shrubs inappropriate. Because of the foliage of foliage, which falls into the pond, rotates, the biological balance of the reservoir is disturbed. The flow of water in the reservoir should be well thought out. It can be a natural feed from the river, stream, rain and melting water, artificial feed pipes or hoses. It is from this factor that the location of the reservoir depends. Should not forget about the source of electricity, which should be near. Have such a reservoir closer to the house.