Caring for the facing surface and its repair

If part of the repair, there was an installation of a facing surface, then the following recommendations for this process. After laying the tile, the tile immediately needs its car wash, removing the residual residues or glue, as well as the removal of grouting traces. Remove the remnants of the solution or glue, it is necessary very carefully, since not a completely dried mortar of Mapefill and can be a tile offset, and the grout may be damaged.

To care for the facing surface during operation, use special detergents that are in a liquid, jelly and powder form. If the water you use is tough, then the tile must be wiped every week so that there is no alkaline precipitate. And if the water is soft enough, then once a month of wet cleaning of the tile is enough. After repair, the installation of water meters is usually carried out by specialists.

In the process of use, on a tile, tile, cracks can form, chip, and then the tile can come off. In this case, the replacement is required, individual parts of the tile. The tile that has become unusable is removed, clutching adjacent, to check fitness. The place where the tile was removed is cleaned and replaced on fresh solution. If the reason for repairs in the dug, then it is mainly happening if there was little water in the solution, or there was an overvailing of the tile, or under the tile could form an airbag.