What can be done with wallpaper remnants

What can be done with wallpaper remnants

Quite often after repair, you have remaining wallpapers that are sorry to throw out. But, at the moment there are a large number of designer tricks that allow you to use the remnants of wallpapers as an additional decor.

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You can use the remnants of wallpaper to use as paintings. For this you will need a dense cardboard that will be the basis of the picture. Then the wallpaper cut out the size of your cardboard and glue the wallpaper to the cardboard. As soon as the glue is completely driving, the resulting picture should be placed in the frame and hang on the wall. This decision to use the remnants of the wallpaper is quite unusual, but it will look pretty beautiful and original.

From the remnants of wallpaper it will be possible to make decorative boxes. To do this, you will have enough to bend them and glue. You can still wake the cardboard box in which your child will fold her toys.

If your doors have a transparent glass, then you can stick it with wallpaper, or do some kind of silhouette, for example, fountain. This solution to the use of wallpaper remnants is quite unusual, but it looks very beautiful.