Colored concrete panels

Pittsburgh company TAKTL LLC announced a completely new line of facade panels. With their manufacture, a superproof concrete (UHPC) is applied. According to representatives of the company, such panels are an alternative to stone, a collection-cast concrete, highly subject to laminate, as well as glassfiboton (GFRC).

The carefully verified composition of the ingredients guarantees the panels exceptional strength qualities, including bending. This indicator is especially relevant in the construction of curved arches and facades. In addition, the new material has low linear expansion rates – the coefficient is only 0.01 mm.

Panels are produced up to 116.84 * 274.32 cm. Their thickness is 1.26 cm. The appearance of the appearance of this finishing material is ensured by the choice of color (8 colors) and textures. Sheets, imitating wood, stone, textiles, reed and t.D.

Colored panels can be used to finish facades, inner walls, partitions, ventilation systems.

In addition, they are easy to mount universal door sliding doors. Professionals setting the whole wall along with sliding doors will take no more than one day. This is a kind of designer in the world of construction.

Simplicity and ease of material processing provides speed of installing them. Additional finishes or other treatment with concrete sheets is not required.