Water pipes. What better

An important factor for a comfortable life in the house is a good water supply. His gasket or replacement is difficult to come seriously. In addition, it causes certain difficulties in the purchase of suitable pipes.

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The following pipes are used more often:

one. Copper. The most effective and expensive. They will serve for a long time. Copper is oxidized in advance with phosphorus. From which pipes become softer and more plastic. They are semi-solid and solid. As well as with a shell of polyethylene or without it.

2. Steel. For water supply laying, it is used quite often. The life of their service is limited, since the material is subject to corrosion. In addition, cracks can form in the place of welding. Galvanized pipes serve longer.

3. Plastic. Some of the most economical and more often purchased. More often buy polyethylene and polypropylene. These pipes are flexible, weigh little and cost inexpensively. All this allows you to repair quite quickly. They are not subject to corrosion, but it is necessary to keep them away from the sun. And under hot water, reinforced polypropylene tubes are used. They are resistant to elevated temperatures.

Remember that when buying pipes, you need to purchase connecting elements. Their cost may exceed pipe costs.