Cathedral in Yuriev Polsky

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From a distance st. George’s Cathedral Looks Absurd: Stumpy, Awkward, with a gable roof on the portal and aisles. By The Way, It Did Not Become Bumpy and Stocky Until The XV Century, When the Russian Merchant and Architect Vasily Yermolin Undertook Its Restoration. In The Xiii Century, WHEN IT WAS Built By Prince Svyatoslav, St. George’s Cathedral Had More Beautiful and Elegant Proportions.

But All Doubts Fade Away As Soon AS You Get Closer to the Cathedral. All Of Its White Stone Walls, Including Small Architectural Details, Dotted With Unique Carvings Depicting Flowers, Animals, Birds. Up to the Twentieth Century, This Carving Was An Inspiration For Folk Woodworkers. And The Rest Forced To Envy (I Want To Think – White Envy). WHEN IN THE XIV CENTURY THE FIRST BUILDING OF THE ASSUMPTION CATHEDRAL WAS BUILT IN THE MOSCOW KREMLIN, IT WAS This Cathedral In Small Provincial Yuriev Polsky. HOWEVER, NONEVER COULDUCE ANYTHING LIKE HIS BEATIFUL CARVINGS.

Inside St. George’s Cathedral Restorers Managed To Restore The Frescoes. The XII-XIII Centuries Popular In The Xii-Xiii Centuries – “Seven Sleeping Lads of Ephesus”, “Crucifixion” and other.