Aquarium in the house

Agree to the aquarium look original and unusual in any interior. Today there is a lot of ideas about their design. Many want to have an aquarium in the house, but not everyone knows how to care for him.

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If you still decided to install aquarium, you need to know the main points of care.

Aquarium is no case in any cases right under the window. This can be explained by the fact that aquarium plants and fish require multiple light, and direct sunlight can be destructive for them. In this case, such a light should illuminate aquarium at least 10 hours a day. In addition, further lighting can emphasize the interesting design of the aquarium.

Choose aquarium is not so difficult, the main thing is to know about the possible options. They are outdoor or embedded.

Outdoor aquariums are most often installed on special stands. It is necessary so that a person’s glance does not rush down or up. The most optimal height of the stand is 60-80 centimeters. Such a model of aquariums is the most common.

As a stand, you can also purchase a particularly solid tube. In addition, all hoses from pumps and water cleaning devices can be hidden inside it.

Built-in aquarium is very difficult to choose. It is worth considering!