Choosing roofing materials

Dimensions of roofing materials in the building markets are a large set. All of them possess their advantages and disadvantages, and already choose a more appropriate option – this is the prerogative of the consumer. The roof should provide high-quality and long exploitation of the building, protect the design from the flow, destruction, so first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the reliability and strength of the material. Do not forget to buy dry Mapei mixes they are now very popular.

Different type of roofing material differs not only by operational properties or cost. For each of them provided its installation method. That is why before the choice should be carefully examined by the features of each material, as a result, to get what they actually expected.

The most commonly used when laying the roofing materials are asbestos slate, tile (natural, flexible or metal tile), bitumen. Some of them, such as slate and tile, are more familiar materials and are used for a long time. Others are relatively new, more modern, straighteningly differing in laying technology (for example, bitumen and other soft roofing materials). As a rule, newer materials are manufactured according to the latest technologies and increase the quality of work.