Pool at the household

Recently, fashionable began to install pools on garden sites. Someone makes small decorative water reservoirs from which you can just sit and relax. Others suits the swimming pool, where you can play water polo with friends. The easiest and budget option is to purchase an inflatable pool, you can do it here.

You will have to invite specialists to install the swimming pool. But decorative water can be made and yourself.

To do this, you need to drench the pitted with gentle walls depth of no more than one meter. The remaining sizes of the pool, choose based on the size of the site. But if the pool is large enough, do not forget to provide a water supply from an asbotic or ceramic pipe.

At the bottom of the bottom, you must first lay the layer of concrete, then – a layer of hot resin, and then – a layer of roofing. When the only sticks completely, put another layer of concrete. For greater strength, concrete layers are better reinforced.

Next stage – Brickwork of walls on cement mortar. The final decoration of the walls and base of the pool – plastering and iron.

Before pouring water to the prepared pool, it must be decorated, installing it at different depths of the container with the soil for the landing of aqueous plants. In a functioning water, you can then add free-peeling plants that do not need a soil.