We choose building materials

For construction and repair materials are necessary. Previously, a brick and tree used for construction, concrete, plastics, glass, reinforced concrete and metalplastic are used. Presented in the construction market, all sorts of materials must have their own properties that you need to pay attention to when choosing.

But, despite the variety of properties and qualities, all building materials must have:

– Elasticity. The ability to recover and take the initial form.

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– Plasticity. Ability to change volume

and shape under force.

– Strength. Ability to resist with internal force.

Construction materials used at the construction, repair or reconstruction of the building are divided into groups:

* The synthetic includes heat-water insulation, acoustic and other similar materials.

* Natural belongs brick, cement, concrete products, timber and so.

* Stone building materials and stone products, rock rocks can be used,

* Materials from the forest,

* Combustible building materials (organic and inorganic) and alloys.

Choosing building materials, pay attention to appearance, price, and quality quality.