SCO summit in Samarkand: is further cooperation possible

Uzbekistan recently announced the result of the presidential election, and Shavkat Mirziyoyev was elected President of Uzbekistan until 2030. This is a decision that is expected to stimulate the country’s economy through the implementation of ongoing reforms.

Samarkand, one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, has witnessed an important event – the summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The meeting of high-ranking officials, including shavkat mirziyoyev and representatives of the SCO member countries, was held under the motto “Dialogue and Cooperation in an Interconnected World” and became a landmark moment in the history of the region.

Key points

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization unites China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, as well as India and Pakistan as full members. Its goal is to develop international cooperation in the field of politics, economics, culture and security to ensure sustainable development of the region.

It is important to note the following points here:

  1. Samarkand, with its rich cultural heritage and historical significance, has become a symbol of the importance of preserving heritage and traditions while striving for modernity. During the meeting, long-term strategies were discussed, and agreements on the future were adopted.
  2. The discussions were based on such issues as the development of trade and economic interaction between countries, ensuring security and stability.
  3. Particular attention was paid to economic cooperation. The SCO countries are working to create favorable conditions for investment, development of tourism, energy infrastructure and transport links. These measures are designed to stimulate the growth of the region’s economy and for the benefit of all its citizens.
  4. In addition to the economic sphere, the summit touched upon the vectors of security and politics in the region. Issues such as the fight against international terrorism, counteraction to cyber threats, the fight against transnational crime and drug trafficking were discussed. The SCO members expressed their common interest in strengthening international security and creating peace and stability in the region.

Conclusions from the meeting

The SCO summit in Samarkand highlighted the importance of dialogue and cooperation in an interconnected world. Through the strengthening of relations and mutual understanding of the member countries, the SCO contributes to the achievement of common goals and interests.

Uzbekistan, as the host country of the summit, showed its readiness to become a catalyst for development in the region and a bridge between East and West. Political stability, improvement of the investment climate and the diversity of economic sectors have made Uzbekistan attractive to international investors.

The Samarkand SCO summit has become a forum for open dialogue and constructive discussions. He stressed the willingness and desire of the member countries to cooperate.