Legal services for foreign businesses and individuals in Ukraine

Legal services are required by companies, individuals, charities and non-profit organizations. It is best to contact a proven, reliable company that provides comprehensive services and has extensive experience. Ukrainian law firm offers its services to individuals and legal entities and various organizations.

Basic services

The law firm “Gurlov and Partners” has been working in Ukraine for many years and has managed to establish itself from the best side. Her services are sought in the following cases:

  1. If legal support is required for non-profit and charitable organizations. Clients may include sports federations and teams, public foundations, and foreign non-governmental organizations.
  2. To provide assistance to foreigners in Ukraine, from renewing registration to obtaining permanent residence and citizenship.
  3. If corporate services of any type are required, from registration of individual entrepreneurs, legal entities, and ending with the closure of a business.
  4. Legal support is needed in litigation. This could be a simple filing of a statement of claim, or a full case management.
  5. Protection of intellectual property rights is required.
  6. For drawing up contracts of any type, checking agreements.
  7. For buying property in Ukraine with subsequent registration according to legal requirements.
  8. Providing accounting support.
  9. Work on inheritance, family law, including divorce, division of property, child custody.
  10. If registration of representative office in Ukraine is required, registration of any licenses, obtaining certificates.

Each issue is dealt with by a lawyer competent in a specific area of law, which makes it possible to deeply delve into the problem, identify the slightest nuances and resolve the case in favor of the client.

For complex cases or issues related to government agencies, full support is offered with the preparation of a package of documentation. This approach allows you to save the client from unnecessary worries, do everything in strict accordance with Ukrainian laws, and solve all problems to the full satisfaction of the customer.


The experience and qualifications of lawyers allow them to take on cases of any complexity, conduct them transparently, honestly, while fully respecting the interests of clients, resolving issues in their favor.

An important aspect of the work is helping foreigners. This applies to companies and individuals who want to work in Ukraine legally, but do not know how to properly approach the matter in order to overcome bureaucratic barriers.