Restoring enamel bath

Over time, enamel bathroom is subject to damage. In this case, the question of buying a new bathroom. But do not hurry, it is possible to restore enamel. First you need to prepare the surface. To do this, clean the old coating with the help of waterproof sandpaper and abrasive stone. The cleaning process must be carried out carefully, only in this case the new enamel will hold reliably. This step of restoring enamel will require sufficient time, effort and patience. After cleaning, it is washed off the old enamel. In the presence of rust and irregularities, a re-trimming of the surface is made. And you know that now the service of the entrances, rose to a new level, it differs from that which was before.

After cleaning, it is necessary to degrease the bath and leave it until complete drying. In the presence of deep chips, you can use the epoxy composition to eliminate them. After that, the surface of the bath becomes smooth. Applying a new coating is made by means of a tampon at room temperature. As a rule, the first enamel layer has time to dry in a few hours. After 36 hours, you can proceed to applying the second layer. The use of the bath is possible a week after applying the final layer of enamel.