Varieties of concrete formwork provided by PMG: which one you should chose

Reinforced concrete products are very strong and durable. But in order to build a house out of them, you must first bring the elements to the place. This is not an easy procedure. Many create such details on their own, pouring liquid concrete into a special structure – formwork. In English it is called concrete formwork. The Thai company PMG specializes in the production of such products.


PMG manufactures formwork. It is reusable: you do not have to buy a new one for each site. It does not need to be bought at all – the structure is rented out, which is much cheaper. No need to decide where to send it after construction.

It is easy to assemble formwork. It consists of shields holding concrete and beams on which they lie. Many varieties have supporting racks. You don’t even need instructions.

The construction is reliable. It is made of metal, so it is very strong and durable. The kit may include wooden bars and laminated plywood.

Beams and shields with precise geometry ensure that the concrete blocks are even and beautiful.

In general, the use of formwork instead of ready-made concrete slabs is a profitable solution. You get the desired configuration of the material, do not spend money on transportation, in which the plates can split. At PMG, in addition, the prices themselves are low – rent is available to everyone. Ready-made concrete products will cost more.

An important advantage of PMG is delivery. The company brings the rented formwork directly to your construction site. This is supported by a well-developed logistics department. No need to think about how to bring the structure from Thailand – we took care of that for you.

PMG offers different types of formwork. Such a wide range guarantees the production of concrete structures of any complexity.


Three main types of removable formwork are available on the site. In combination, they allow you to build a house entirely of reinforced concrete.

Wall formwork is intended for the construction of walls. It is installed vertically. As a result, high trays are formed into which concrete must be poured. All walls are poured at the same time. This allows you to build an unusually strong building, because there are no seams.

Formwork for ceilings will allow you to build interfloor ceilings without difficulty. If everything is clear with the pouring of the foundation and the floor, then the ceilings are at a great height. How does the system work? Shields are installed horizontally on reliable racks. Their length is up to 40 meters, which allows you to get the highest ceilings.

PMG also offers formwork for columns, supports and poles. This design and outwardly resembles a column. With it, it is easy to build bridges, highways, underground parking lots and other heavy-duty structures.