SIP panels in the construction of country houses

Today, the technology of the construction of low-rise buildings, with the use of structural heat-insulating panels is very in demand. For the first time, the buildings for this principle began to be built in North American countries. Over time, such construction technology has passed into other developed countries where it became very popular.

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First of all, people are captivated by the economy of such houses. Buildings, built on this technology, do not require a massive heavy foundation, and this largely reduces the entire construction process, and also reduces its timing. In addition, the components of such houses are produced on the factories. They are delivered to the construction site where they are going to builders. As a result, it turns out a great house with excellent appearance, and meets all the requirements of GOST.

Houses made from thermal insulation panels make it possible to significantly reduce the cost of heating the premises. The heat loss of such buildings is minimal. Thanks to this, the beautiful microclimate always reigns in them. The heating of such houses can be carried out by means of electrical or gas autonomous systems. Consequently, the need for installation of heatpets just just – disappears. Connecting to sewage and water sources can also be made autonomous.