Installation of Rolltov

Today, at the design of modern SPOES, and in the finishing works, everything is used more often as shootles. They are an analogue of the blinds, but the distinguished most high density and protection step.

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Roles are used as decorative design of windows and door lumens, and also to protect the premises from an unnecessary penetration. You can put rollers on the windows, and on the doors, gates and other entrance groups.

In the process of establishing rollstoves, turning tires must be retractable depending on the level, and the safety box must be put horizontally. Rollers themselves are placed symmetrically with respect to the lumen of the window or the door. Guide tires are required to exist accommodated in such a way that they are faced with the use of the opening in absolutely the entire length. It is allowed to form insignificable gaps, the dimensions of which are not required to exceed 6 mm. The difference between the length of the diagonals is not required to exceed 3 mm.

Before fixing the components of the rolling product on the walls, it is necessary to align them and determine with the support of special iron pads, which are traditionally installed in the field of fasteners.